Last-Mile Home Delivery

With over 185 delivery locations and main hubs in every major market, Allegro can deliver your large-scale consumer items such as furniture, exercise equipment, massage chairs, mattresses, TV’s, and appliances to any home within one or two business days.

By adding assembly, installation or electronics setup we convert your product to a lifestyle item immediately, reducing the possibility of remorse.

Assembly and Installation Services

Delivering your product to your customer’s home is half the job. Before it truly becomes a lifestyle item, we need to place it perfectly, or assemble it, or in the case of appliances, install it. More and more, as the Internet of things takes shape, we also need to connect it.

Trust our highly trained delivery technicians to transform your product into a lifestyle. Your customers will appreciate your choice.

Complex Installations – Gas and Water Hook-ups:

Compliance with Market Regulations: Our licensed installers are well-versed in local regulations, ensuring adherence even in the most challenging areas.

Specialized Expertise: Retailers rely on our highly trained staff, who possess extensive experience in complex installations and provide white-glove service.

Versatile Technical Skills: Our team is proficient in handling a diverse range of appliances and consumer electronics, guaranteeing seamless installations.


Assembly – Big & Bulky Items:

Bedding Industry: We excel in delivering and assembling mattresses and bed frames, including the most intricate adjustable smart beds and bases.

Furniture Industry: No furniture piece is too challenging for us! Our expert crew delivers and assembles sofas, tables, chairs, recliners, home theater seating, desks, dressers, and more.

Fitness Equipment: We know fitness equipment can be tricky! That is why our experienced team is well-versed in various exercise equipment models. We prioritize thorough training to ensure our employees are familiar with every aspect of the equipment we deliver.

Retail / Builder Deliveries

Retail Store Deliveries: We help suppliers and distributors deliver any size shipments of big & bulky items to retail stores. Our timely and reliable deliveries ensure that retail stores have the necessary products available for sale and can meet customer demands without interruptions.

Builder Direct Deliveries: We cater to the needs of builders that want their appliances and other big & bulky items delivered directly to their job site. We simplify the logistics of home building by providing reliable and efficient delivery solutions to builders.

Nationwide Transportation

With our nationwide scheduled network, we can provide services across the country within 5 days. We accomplish most of our deliveries within 3-4 days.

With our online tracking, your customers are never in the dark. Because we communicate within 24 hours of the shipment receipt to schedule the delivery your customers rarely experience the anxiety that leads to remorse.

With our nationwide delivery network of highly skilled delivery technicians, your customer will experience the Allegro difference.

Advanced Exchange and Reverse Logistics

We perform advance exchanges of replacement equipment for some of the nation’s leading companies. If your company has a need for reverse logistics to improve your customer’s experience, get in touch with Allegro to learn more about this program.

Orchestrating High-Speed Home Deliveries.