Looking for a furniture delivery service that is an extension of your business and treats your customers the way you do? Look no further.


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    Allegro Home Delivery’s high-quality furniture division specializes in providing fast and damage-free furniture deliveries with the highest level of in-home professionalism.

    When your customer purchases an expensive piece of furniture from you, they want it arriving in pristine shape, they want a premium white-glove experience, and they want it in a timely fashion.

    • High-Speed, Nationwide Delivery – No Black Out Areas
    • Professional White Glove Experience
    • Expert Inside Delivery
    • Furniture is Hand Loaded and Unloaded
    • No Forklifts = Less Damage
    • Thorough Deluxing/Inspection Service
    • Reduced Order Cancellations
    • Clear Communications and Visibility
    • Hands-On Customer Service
    • Increased Customer Satisfaction