Last-Mile Home Delivery

From our 10 depots, strategically placed around the country, Allegro can delivery your furniture, appliances, exercise equipment or other large items to any home within one or two business days.

You ship to our depot and we will begin scheduling your customer’s delivery immediately.

By adding assembly, installation or electronics setup we convert your product to a lifestyle item immediately, reducing the possibility of remorse.

Nationwide Transportation

With our nationwide scheduled network, we can provide services across the country within 5 days. We accomplish most of our deliveries within 3-4 days.

With our online tracking, your customers are never in the dark. Because we communicate within 24 hours of the shipment receipt to schedule the delivery your customers rarely experience the anxiety that leads to remorse.

With our nationwide delivery network of highly skilled delivery technicians, your customer will experience the Allegro difference.

Advanced Exchange and Reverse Logistics

We perform advance exchanges of replacement equipment for some of the nation’s leading companies. If your company has a need for reverse logistics to improve your customer’s experience, get in touch with Allegro to learn more about this program.

Assembly and Installation Services

Delivering your product to your customer’s home is half the job. Before it truly becomes a lifestyle item, we need to place it perfectly, or assemble it, or in the case of appliances, install it. More and more, as the Internet of things takes shape, we also need to connect it.

Trust our highly trained delivery technicians to transform your product into a lifestyle. Your customers will appreciate your choice.

Orchestrating High-Speed Home Deliveries.